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Your Wallet needs

A man identifying himself to use online services

Neuro-Wallet can support your wallet needs with three highly scalable, secure and flexible identity services. Starting with Neuro-Access for online and off-line user access, login and authentication, to a identity wallet for all your business and leisure needs. If you want to go big, and really make life smarter, then the Neuro app is what you are looking for!

Thank you!


An image of a woman identifying herself on online services using Neuro-Ledger

Secure storage and payments

Wallet services


Secure access to online and offline services. With Neuro-Access onboarding and digital signatures is easy and seamless.


Imagine holding all your identity profiles in one ID wallet. In the Neuro-Identity wallet, you can fit your private and professional life.


The Neuro-App has it all, packed full with Super-app features, this is a true life companion.

A man registering his identity on Neuro-Ledger


With the Neuro-Identity wallet, you can gather your private and worklife profiles and make sure you keep them separate, or ,ove them together. The important part is that the choice is yours! This app is where you monetize your own data, and make sure privacy and security is a the highest possible level.

Secure digital wallet for all

The Neuro-Identity services are available as an embedded service via APIs, or as an App for Android and iOS. It allows users to create one or many self-sovreign digital identities, sign legally binding smart contracts,  secure identity information in a Digital Wallet and connect to the full suite of Neuro-Services from Trust Anchor Group.

An illustration of places where you can use online identification, such as in health care, banking, doing taxes, doing invoices, signing documents, signing smart contracts


One app with all the identity and wallet features you can wish fore and more. The Neuro-App is a Web3 Super-app packed full with unique and valuable features. The Neuro is a life companion that lives up to the vision of making the world a smarter place. 

For individuals

  • Secure way of authentification on the internet

  • Control over the data shared 

  • Easier access to public and private digital services 

  • Establishes trust in systems 

  • Easier access to financial services

For companies

  • Streamlined identity verification process 

  • Increased security and fraud prevention 

  • Cost savings from reduced verification time and resources 

  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements 

  • Increased trust and confidence in transactions 

  • Improved customer experience

An image of a person using his phone on the train
An image illustrating data points needed to create an online identity
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